General / 27 January 2018


I often use symbolism in my work, have done for decades.  My first book COMPANY OF SHADOWS was all about using the sub-conscious mind when being creative.  Yet that in itself has been a cryptic side of my art , I do get little things into commissions from time to time. 

CRANIAL ALPHA : GRAPHIC NOVEL being my own project means I do not need to hold back.  I am crafting the story and art, its been a dream to create this project for a long time and symbolism plays a huge part of the creative process.  

The two posters currently teasing the project.

The crescent in the first image symbolize extinction.  Note the crescent is present in the design of both characters, the crescent is also horns = they are beings of extinction /  overseers, the devils of the story. The pyramid, at least this one, represents the power of man, of creation, fate. It is a story of destiny repeating itself on a molecular level. When you see a pyramid shape, it represents a moment of change / fate.  Look for the pyramid in each page.

As far as explaining all the other different layers in each page, well I'll leave that to the viewer.  Have fun.