General / 01 January 2018


When I conceived this idea of creating a book of almost 200 character illustrations I must admit I thought I would have more content already done. 10 years of creating character designs for movies and tv  to cherry pick, yet when I began to compile it all a few things became clear. Character sheets where not good enough for what I have envisioned. I love what I do but it isnt everything I do ( if that makes sense ) . This book is to be more of an illustrated collection.  All these characters, whilst perfect for the shows  where not hitting the mark for the content / theme of said book....I want  to bring the characters alive.

.. and so I set upon the task of creating new art , dissecting some old designs ( mostly alternative versions of some movie stuff , extreme versions ) so that I could present them in ways deemed fir for purpose. What began as an epic task has become monumental, yet I am glad its happened this way. The art I have created in the last 6 months has been the most fun , challenging and rewarding of my career. I have barely scratched the surface but loving it. The conveyor belt of characters in my mind are being illustrated as intended, given life at last after all these years. 

The hardest part is holding all this stuff back and not releasing it online.

Here is a rough outline of where I am upto and the art still to do.