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CRANIAL ALPHA : Is a graphic novel by Paul Gerrard.

An immense world of bio-engineered lifeforms, 5000 years from now the battle rages to
take control of the Cranial Alpha.....where chrome, crystal, bone and flesh combine to
create a new wave of extreme metal body horror. Amidst the chaos of carbon Gods
scrambling for leaderships and ancient superstitions a family unit must combine , fuse their
bodies together to control the first, the last Cranial Alpha and save mankind from spiritual

CRANIAL ALPHA is the story I have been exploring within my art for nigh on 20 years. It is
the culmination of a life long fascination with the occult / spiritual belief systems and the
concept of fusion on a subatomic level. Paul Gerrard.

‘It’s all about blending spiritual thinking with the man machine and the aesthetic of body horror.’
Daniel Kalder

Here will live WIP artwork, sculptures and test pages.